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Original Paintings by Oksana Bazunova

Pleased to welcome you to the page of my gallery.

A few details about myself. Here he writes about me Journal "Art Painting":

Oksana Bazunova was born in Russia (Moscow) in 1981.
In 2007, Oksana started painting in the Old Masters technique following artistic traditions dating back some 500 years. Rather than compromise tradition and artistic integrity for commercial opportunism, Oksana has steadfastly remained true to the style, persisting in the creation of artwork that accurately reflects her European roots. In doing so, she works over each painting for up to twelve weeks to achieve a result not replicable by modern methods of mass production.
In Oksanas paintings uses a rich symbolism, hidden clues amongst the hyper-real still lives.
Like Old Masters of the classical era, Oksana adheres to the idea that a good knowledge of the craftsmanship allows the expression of all her fantasies.
She brings the Wonder of the past into the present, so they may last in the future!

Questions and Answers

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Free Shipping worldwide.

Q: How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?
A: You can pay for all orders using the following cards: Visa, MasterCard. In addition to the above cards you can pay PayPal or by cash payment on delivery in Moscow.

Q: Can you declare lower value?
A: Yes, usually I declare 10%-30% when ordering several paintings (2-3 pcs). If you have special request please contact me.

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: Paintings i will ship in approximately 10-15 days from date of payment.

Q: Which delivery companies do you use?
A: We work with top-name courier services such as DHL or FedEx, all of which are well-known and well-respected brands that have built up a reputation for reliable international delivery.

Q: What should I do if the paintings I bought does not like?
A: Please feel free to contact us Phone or E-mail, I will resolve any problems with you, but buyers are responsible for all the shipping charges.

Q: What should I do if I haven't received my purchase?
A: If you haven't received your purchase, please be patient. Your purchase may reach your hand in the next few days. Meanwhile, please contact the shipping company by your side or contact us for help, I will try our best to help you. If your purchase was lost, I will return you a money.

Q: As I need it urgently, Do you have overnight shipping ways?
A: Generally I dispatch the printings within 2-5 Days after your payment cleared, You can tell me if you need it urgently, then I try to select a overnight shipping way for you. But I are not sure the item will arrive on time completely, because the international shipping is hard to control.

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Still Life Paintings by Oksana Bazunova

Still Life: "Rose and the Sea"

Oil on canvas, 2010, 31x24" (7960sm)

Private Collection

Still Life: "Beautiful Rose"

Oil on canvas, 2011, 20x16" (5040sm)

Private Collection

Still Life: "ircle of life"

Oil on canvas, 2012, 20x27" (5070sm)

Private Collection

Still life with fruits and birds

Oil on canvas, 2012, 16x20" (4050sm)

Price: USD $ 1370.00 / EUR 1200.00

Still life with fruits and parrots

Oil on canvas, 2012, 16x24" (4060sm)

Private Collection

Still Life: "Big in small"

Oil on canvas, 2013, 16x20" (4050sm)

Price: USD $ 910.00 / EUR 800.00

Still Life: "One summer morning ..."

Oil on canvas, 2013, 16x24" (4060sm)

Price: USD $ 1570.00 / EUR 1375.00

Still Life: "Happy abundance"

Oil on canvas, 2013, 16x24" (4060sm)

Private Collection

Still Life Rose and the Sea

Oil on canvas, 2013, 24x18" (6045sm)

The painting was done on the order. Private Collection

Still Life: "Tenderness"

Oil on canvas, 2014, 20x20" (5050sm)

Price: USD $ 770.00 / EUR 800.00

Still Life: "Towards Love"

Oil on canvas, 2014, 24x16" (6040sm)

Price: USD $ 770.00 / EUR 800.00

Still Life with Fruit

Oil on canvas, 2014, 20x27" (5070sm)

Price: USD $ 1515.00 / EUR 1325.00

Still Life with Canaries

Oil on canvas, 2014, 16x20" (4050sm)

Price: USD $ 1115.00 / EUR 975.00

Still Life: "Sweet yearning"

Oil on canvas, 2015, 27x20" (7050sm)

Price: USD $ 1655.00 / EUR 1450.00

Still Life: "The golden mean"

Oil on canvas, 2015, 20x27" (5070sm)

Price: USD $ 1515.00 / EUR 1325.00

Still Life with Fruit and Game

Oil on canvas, 2015, 27x40" (70100sm)

The painting was done on the order. Private Collection

Copies of paintings by masters of the Dutch and Flemish schools

Copy of Arthur John Elsley, Tea-Time

Oil on canvas, 2011, 21x16" (5341sm)

Private Collection

Copy of Frederick Leighton, Eucharis - A Girl with a Basket of Fruit

Oil on canvas, 2011, 33x23" (8458sm)

Private Collection

Copy of John William Godward, The Old, Old Story

Oil on canvas, 2011, 51x28" (13070sm)

Private Collection

Copy of Gerrit van Honthorst, A young woman playing a viola da gamba

Oil on canvas, 2011, 33x27" (8467sm)

Private Collection